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Audio discussion (Laptop)

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    Hi all,

    Just swapped out the 500GB Hard Drive for an SSD in my laptop and installed Windows 10. I've downloaded the Audio Driver (Conexant CX20722 Audio Driver) which is the only thing listed under "Audio" on the Dell Support page and installed it. The MaxxAudio program didn't seem to install and I'm not quite sure where to get it.

    Any ideas?

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    Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? I can roll back to an older version, but Id really like to have the recommended versions.

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    I have recently swapped-out my "C" drive after 4 dependable years of the original (OEM) equipment, after which the original HDD failed.  Everything is now functioning, except I cannot 'see' the HDMI out port.

    I am using this XPS 17 702 laptop as a music server, and would like to take advantage of the HDMI port to increase fidelity of the music from the server.

    What I have done:

    1. Add all drivers (recommended by Service Tag) on Dell site
    2. Ensured the 'Sound devices' shows all, including disabled/disconnected.
    3. Downloaded 702 BIOS and used F12 on boot-up to configure it (there was no HDMI port setting)

    I suspect that the problem is with the BIOS/settings, though it is certainly not obvious.

    Any help to get my HDMI port configured for Audio out would be appreciated.

    thanks in Advance!!


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    Hi guys,

    finally i fixed all my problems on my XPS 15 with MAXXWAVE by downloading and installing this driver: Audio_Realtek_W814_A01_Setup-2FM7N_ZPE.exe

    1) Download the file here

    2) Install it without uninstall anything and restart Windows 10/8

    3) Enjoy it


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  • 03/20/16--07:05: Audio jack problem
  • im having a problem with my audio jack for more than a year, ive already done many formats and new drivers installs, nothing seems to work.

    when i plug my headphones in, it just doesnt  do anything, like literally nothing.

    i would like to know what i can do about it, any help is helpful.


    My laptop is dell inspiron 3521

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  • 03/22/16--11:14: Graphics Driver for RHEL7.0
  • I am looking for AMD FirePro W5170 Graphics Driver for RHEL7.0.  Do you guys know where I can find it?

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    Hello all,

    I recently purchased an Alienware 17 R3 and I am having an issue when I use my external speakers

    when I power up or power down it pops. I am going to list my hardware setup below. I couldn't locate

    anything for this specific problem. Audio plays fine when I am logged into Windows.

    Alienware 17R3

    Graphics Amp (with Nvidia Quadro 4600 for the moment)

    Onkyo M282B 2 Ch Stereo Amp

    JBL 62 Studio Monitors

    I am running RCA to 3.5" Phono from the amp to the Headphone jack on the Laptop.  The laptop

    running stand alone (integrated speakers) does not pop. I haven't tried with the external speakers

    but without the graphics amp. I almost think it's the graphics amp powering down that is causing

    the pop sound. It seems like the laptop is already off and a second later it pops which causes the

    amp to go into protection mode.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • 03/22/16--17:41: Inspiron 7359
  • Hello,

    My audio appears to be working perfectly aside from the fact that the "Dell Audio" software does nothing.

    All of the settings are visible including the equalizer BUT when attempting to adjust the equalizer bars, the new changes aren't being applied to the music currently playing. Similarly, the options MaxxBass, MaxxTreble, etc have no effect when you toggle them on and off. The only thing you can really do with the "Dell Audio" software is change the volume...

    I've already tried reinstalling the audio driver direct from Dell but it appears to be the same driver that Windows installed for me automatically (same version but different date).

    Any help offered is greatly appreciated.

    OS: Windows 10 Home x64

    Audio Driver: Conexant SmartAudio HD (version, date: 28/10/2015)

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    After much experimentation there appears to be a bug with the "Dell Audio" software.

    The included equalizer and other enhancement options work perfectly fine without headphones plugged in, but the moment you plug in a pair of headphones and have them detected as such, none of the enhancement options nor equalizer have any effect.

    The temporary work-around is to change the detected jack information from "Headset / Headphones" to "Speaker Out". This allows all enhancement options to function properly with your headphones.

    Please fix.

    OS: Windows 10 x64

    PC: Inspiron 13 7359

    Audio: Conexant SmartAudio HD (

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    I have a Dell Inspiron 5547, which has only one audio jack which is supposed to be for a headset (headphones with built in mic), my situation right now is that I have headphones and an external stand up microphone. I have gotten an adapter which combines both headphones and microphone into one plug. The laptop detects that I am using headphones and all the sound goes through the headphones, but doesn't use the microphone and instead uses the built in microphone that comes with the laptop.

    I couldnt find a solution on the internet so now I'm here making a post about it.

    I would appreciate and type of help with this.

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    Hello All,

    My laptop is not recognizing when headphones are connected. Sound will only play through the computer's speakers. How do I solve this issue. Also my laptop is running Windows 10. This issue started about a week ago and I've had the computer since December. 

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    Once I plug my headphones in or my hearing aids bluetooth device in, it all goes south. The internal speakers continue to work as does the bluetooth, but nothing is coming out of the headphones. Since I was once in IT, this problem is unique to the jack itself. Either the jack lifted up or was pushed back and never properly tested. The hook, I just received this computer 3 weeks ago to replace a faulty HDMI out port. I was told that there would be an open ticket so if I had any problems with this computer it would be attended to. Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

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  • 03/25/16--09:59: Audio
  • Hi, 

    when i playing a video file or watching YuoTube, there is no sound. I didn't no what is the problem, everything is good but no sound. the speaker is 100%, and the volume level 100%. There is no Sound excisted, please help me.

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    On my brand new Inspiron 15 7559, I've noticed that there is a static "hissing" noise coming from the speakers whenever I do something that involves audio (playing a movie/game/etc).

    The hissing noise is especially noticeable when I mute the volume in Windows.

    As soon as I close the video/browser/game that the audio is coming from, the hissing stops as well.

    The noise also stops when I plug in a pair of headphones.

    I've tried the latest audio drivers, as well as the generic Windows audio drivers and the Realtek HD Audio drivers from Realtek's site, and the hissing noise happens with all of them. I have also updated my BIOS to the latest version

    Has anyone else encountered this? I'm beginning to think it might be a hardware problem and I'm leaning towards returning the laptop.

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    This upgrade totally screws your audio output, it doesn't   recognise the conexant device. As usual Dell disclaim any responsibility for this although crowing that windows 10 upgrade will be trouble free. What's the point of an upgrade if it downgrades your computer's functions?

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  • 03/27/16--11:56: Headphones not working
  • When I plug my headphones into jack, I get a message that says they have been plugged in....but sound still comes out of speakers, none from headphones.  What's up with that?

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    Hello almighty Alienware owners! hopefully somebody had the same issue and managed to find a solution by now:

    I have two Alienware 17 r3 laptops, and both have problems with subwoofer. It just doesn't work and "Bass Management" options are greyed out in Speakers / Headphones section.  Speakers work fine but sound quality is just unacceptable for an Alienware machine, especially that I had an XPS before and sound quality was flawless over there.

    I tried uninstalling sound drivers and software, tried default audio drivers and most recent ones from Dell website - Audio_Driver_YRPVM_WN32_1.1.7_A02.EXE (Build - Release date 25 Nov 2015

    Tried finding a more recent driver directly from manufacturers site but neither Creative or Kliptch website have any whatsoever drivers available from their websites. The only ones I could fine were versions 1.17 and older one 1.1.3 from Dell and none of them seem to resolve the issue. I believe that this is to do with Windows 10 as both machines have it installed and I couldn't find any thread of people complaining with Windows 8.1 or earlier versions.

    P.S I am aware of these topics below but none have a listed solution so far. It is a bit thrustating thinking that I have had Alienware for more than 2 months and still cannot resolve this issue.

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  • 03/29/16--00:57: e7440 no hdmi audio
  • Hello, my problem is little complicated, and I don't know from where it comes.

    I have dell e7440 laptop with windows 10 installed. 
    For 3 months everything were working fine. About 3 months ago I heard no sound from HDMI on my TV (Philips 40pfl4308h/12). My laptop has been working weird, so I have reinstalled windows 10. Ok, everything were working... for about a week. Now I have no sound for almost 3 months.

    So details:
    1. Other laptop has sound on same cable 16bit-48kHz,
    2. e7440 has sound (SOMETIMES ONLY - ratio about 1:10) when I change in advanced mode sampling to 16bit - 32kHz. In default 48kHz it doesn't work.
    3. When I am watching youtube video with sound on hdmi - no sound, but also VIDEO IS SLOW. 1sec lasts for about 5 sec. When I change from hdmi to laptop speakers video is fine.

    1. Reinstalling drivers audio - nothing
    2. Reinstalling drivers graphics card - nothing
    3. Uninstalling from device manager hdmi output, reinstalling, updating - nothing
    4. Reinstalling windows - ok for about a week.

    I have recorded situation. Help please...

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    Dear community,

    I have noticed that I was unable to plug speakers/headset in the audio jack, as if something was already stuck in it. As a result, Windows believes there is something plugged in and would auto-mute the sound, such that I can't hear anything from the speakers.

    When using Linux (I have a dual boot system), I was able to switch off the auto-mute trigger, and the speakers are working fine. This confirms that the audio-jack is the culprit.

    Is it possible to fix the audio-jack? Can I do it myself?

    Thank you very much



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    Is there a solution for the lack of good drivers for the l502x with windows 10 audio? I had to use task manager to prevent the Realtek drivers from loading at startup otherwise the machine never goes into sleep. I see the Realtek site has R2.79 but I don't know if that will address the messed up Equalizer and driver's in W10

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